Number of Discs: 1
Original Release Date: September 15, 1998
Editorial Reviews essential recording Cuban trumpeter Jes?s Alema?y and his band strike again with a ripping album of hot Latin roots and jazz. As always, the mix is clean, hard-edged, and rarely lush. They mix together some of the more famous dance grooves of Cuba and Latin America, the mambo, the son, and the son montuno. The premier track is "El Paso de Encarnacion," a hot guaracha from the old Orquesta Arag?n songbook. It's not a nostalgic look back, but just one example of how this band can stay away from pop fusion and still sound as contemporary as tomorrow. The band is outstanding. Alema?y's horn is always at the center of things, with the phenomenal Tata G?ines on congas, Emilio del Monte doing the timbales. Bassist Carlos del Puerto (formerly of Irakere) keeps the rhythm together with pianist Nachito Herrera and Carlos Godines's clave and g?iro. New to the group for this recording is a fine singer, Rolo Martinez. Notable solos are contributed by Orlando "Maraca" Valle on flute and Pancho Amat on tres. The arrangements are tight, the descarga (improv jams) are stunning, and the sound is at once rooted in the past and constantly looking forward. Album 3 and this band still shows no sign of getting tired or repeating themselves. --Louis Gibson


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