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(March 18, 2001)
About the Artist SonSublime's new album, "Irresistible", is an album as groundbreaking as it is traditional. For SonSublime has used the rhythmic foundation of the original Cuban son and combined it with intricate arrangements and orchestration to create an original New York City charanga sound, the ultimate in dance music. For lovers of Cuban music, young and old alike, nothing could be more sublime. In effect, to dance with SonSublime is to evoke the past and to dream of tomorrow; it is tradition and evolution; it is a return to the roots and a flight to the unknown. With a rich repertoire of son, manbo, cha-cha-cha and danzon, SonSublime rescues, with surprising innovative twists, the most indigenous sounds of Cuban popular music. Iraida Iturralde, President of the Cuban Cultural Center of New York


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