Introduction To The Conga Drum (2008)
Mike Spiro

Format: NTSC
Michael Spiro's new instructional DVD, Introduction To The Conga Drum is for beginners, or anyone needing a solid foundation in good conga drum technique. Introduction To The Conga Drum is the first comprehensive DVD designed to show beginning conga drummers all the basics of how to play the drum correctly. It will become the standard video on the subject for years to come. In Part I, Spiro shows exactly how to execute the six fundamental strokes on the conga drum, in a clear, step-by-step manner. Part II gives the student dozens of exercises to combine these basic sounds into usable patterns. In Part III, Spiro shows the student how the fundamentals covered earlier are actually used in some of the most important Afro-Cuban rhythms. Interspersed with some tasty solo drum footage, the video is beautifully shot from three different angles, with numerous chapters so the student can easily locate particular exercises. At a generous two hours running time, the video is a bargain at the $25 list price.


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