Conga Virtuoso
Giovanni Hidalgo



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February 3, 2007 by Jose R. Colon from usa

very inspirational!


..Without a doubt the best conga DVD I have seen.

April 30, 2004 by Bill Summer's fan. from AUS

The master, Giovanni Hidalgo, mesmerises with his incredible skill and knowledge of music and his instrument, the congas. There are many outstanding performances here, both solo and group offerings. Giovanni takes the viewer through many of the rhythms and rudiments essential for an all round view of what is needed to become a skilled conguero. One very interesting sections deals specifically with the rhythms of Puerto Rico, Giovanni's home, both in ensemble and solo playing.
I cannot recomend this DVD enough. In fact I should point out that I feel everybody wanting to learn this beautiful instrument would love this DVD.
Do yourself a favour and also grab the Dizzy Gillespie United nations orchestra DVD filmed in London. Giovanni plays beautifully on that too. Happily, I saw him on that tour and it is a fond and lasting memory.



October 4, 2002 by JOSE A SANCHEZ from USA




September 27, 2002 by Marco from italy

the best...sei il migliore ti ho sentito al "Festival Latino" a Milano.

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