Giovanni Hidalgo

Audio CD (April 16, 1996)
Track Listings: 1. It Don't Mean A Thing 2. Think Of Me 3. Exit Seven 4. Moonchild 5. Blue Minor 6. Canadian Sunset 7. Summertime 8. Yuliria II 9. Seven Steps To Heaven


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..Have you heard the best??

May 9, 2002 by A music fan from Wash D.C.

Get this CD now becaue you'll never hear another conga drummer/percussionist like Master Giovanni Hidalgo. He's the Michael Jordan of conga playing. If you get a chance check out some of his videos as well. It seems that even when you've got your VCR in slow motion play, Mr. Hildalgo's hands are to fast for the human eye. He's truly incredible!!


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