Royal Dance

Number of Discs: 1
Original Release Date: July 13, 1999
Track Listings: 1. Lazzi 2. Messager 3. Bled 4. Caribou 5. Nimba 6. Leniz 7. Bonibas 8. Mullassa 9. Invasion 10. Dragueur 11. Rhythm 'n'Ball 12. Mandril 13. Ebats 14. Royal Dance 15. Kabou 16. Le Serpent


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based on 1 review/s in needs of some conga cd.

January 3, 2003 by isaac olaitan omisipe. from nigeria in west africa.

conga drums is my favourity instrument so there 4 iwant to have so many links world wide for me to be one of the best congarist in the world.

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