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Postby mario principato » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:41 pm

Jorge !!!! I came back from Cuba a few days ; I talked a lot with pedro and Irian ; both have told me that no musician matanza's participated in the birth of guarapachangueo ; the way of playing ideas of tres dos part of their family ; clave y Guaguancò played with one percussionist to the base ( ' 70 )..... however he played on the cajon a classic salidor (how to play Yambu also playing Guaguancò) ;

then the structure was similar (clave guagua cajon quinto ), but the first to express those ideas were Chinitos...all the greatest Rumberos Cubans ( gollo , juan de dios , maximino , have recognized, and recognize,publicly, on television interviews that are Chinitos are the inventors of this "new" style.....

with all due respect to the opinions of others

Ciao !!!!!
mario principato
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