Conga Technique, sound development, exercises

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Re: Conga Technique, sound development, exercises

Postby Kaban » Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:45 pm


Today I had a lesson by JC, this morning...Coffee & Congas with Johnny. Great lesson. It's been awhile, so we hit the basics hard.

In summary, we went over many drills today, JC made sure that each drill/exercise I did for was long enough to make sure I practiced my tones, technique, and development. We didn't move on till I got plenty of reps, and worked on what weakness I had with the particular drill.

I really like that fresh exercises he introduces me to. It keeps things challenging and interesting. I have to commit to it 110%, meaning I have to focus hard to do the new drill I never did or am doing with a different twist. While at the same time keeping my tones clean, and staying in the pocket!

One of the best things I like about having lessons with JC is that he pushes you little by little, never rushed. He observes you the whole time, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

At the end he reminds me what I need to work on, which you have to practice, because your going to be asked to do it the next time.

I take advantage of his many years of music knowledge by asking him for new music to listen to. So I have a little history lesson, and new music that spans generations, from Jazz, R&b, Fusion, and Latin to look up later in the night. Best deal on Conga lessons...get you some.
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Re: Conga Technique, sound development, exercises

Postby mangorockfish » Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:53 am

Was it on line or at his home?
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Re: Conga Technique, sound development, exercises

Postby JohnnyConga » Fri Nov 14, 2014 8:25 pm

I AM ACCEPTING NEW PUPILS OF THE CONGA DRUM ..I CAN SAVE YOU YEARS OF LEARNING TIME AND GET U UP TO me at Also go to my CONGAZINE page here and read what others have said about their personal experiences with me, and learning from me...

Johnny Conga, a Volcano Percussion endorser, has been performing for 50 years, as a “multi-percussion-specialist”, in the Art of Afro-Cuban/Caribbean drumming and Latin Jazz music.
Creator of A Hand to Drum Productions/Online Learning LLC 2012

Some of the Artists that “JC” have worked with cover the gamut of “styles” in music. Here is a short list: Carlos Santana, Eddie Palmieri, Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77, Paquito D’Riviera, The Jackson 5, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, Cerrone(France), Gloria Gaynor, Johnny Pacheco, Dave Valentine and over 100 other major artist’s in the United States and abroad. To date Johnny has been in 175 bands, over 200 recordings and has done 17 International tours, all around the world.

Please visit My latest CD OYE!... also on Facebook, and his popular How to play the Conga drum videos on

Grammy Member (Pacific Northwest chapter)-Governor and “Latin-Rep” 2007-2011
Member of BMI as composer/arranger
Member of N.A.R.A.S. (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences)
Member of L.A.R.A.S. (Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences)
Member of Percussive Arts Society
Endorsed by Volcano Percussion

Dance Companies: Olatunji Drummers and Dancers-New York City 1965
Chuck Davis Afro-American Dance Co-New York City 1966-68 72
New York City Ballet Co.-1972
Mattie Lascoe Caribbean Splash-Los Angeles-1980
Miami City Ballet Co.-Miami,Fla.-1994-97
“Drummin”-Tania Leon-Miami/Hamburg Germany-1997

Released first CD 1994 called Johnny Conga & Caribe + Roots of Rhythm on Skyward records. Http://
Recognized by State of Florida as “Folklorist”-1997

Former P.A.C. E.(performing arts and cultural education) Artist for Dade County, Florida 1995

Recordings on Columbia-ABC-Polygram-Island-Roxbury-Skyward-Infinity-Cuni and many others.
Producers: George S Clinton- Cheech and Chong- Trevor Lawrence-John Arrias- Pete Moore(The Miracles), John Robinson, Ken Mansfield, Paul Dunlop, Steve and Nat Kipner.(short list).

Former Associate Professor at the University of Miami-Dept of Perc.-1990-92 under the auspices of Professor Fred Wickstrom. Miami Florida.

. Studied Djimbe and drum set at Jazzmobile-IS 201-NYCity, with Ritchie “Pablo” Landrum and Charlie Persip. Attended the East 3rd St. Music Settlement in 1972, and the Johnny Colon School of Music NYC. Studied timbales and bongos with Manny Oquendo and Nicky Marrero.
Studied with Ubaldo Nieto(Machito Orchestra drummer) reading for timbales
Attended Los Angeles Community College 1976-78 Liberal Arts program
48 years of performance in America and to over 50 countries around the world.

Since moving here in 2002 I have taught at the following Institutions:

Former Adjunct faculty at Shoreline Community College as the 'first' Latin Percussion course ever in any Community College in Seattle.

On staff at Cornish College of the Arts as ‘substitute’ since 2005 for the Latin ensemble for Jovino Santos Neto

Bellevue Community College Jazz Orchestra-workshop on Latin rhythms
Puget Sound Community College- Latin percussion workshop for Jazz ensemble with Dr. Chris Stover

Olympia Community College, Olympia WA.-substitute Instructor for percussion class
University of Washington-workshop on Afro-Cuban drumming and music with Teacher Michael Smolker

Formerly On staff at “Music Works” Northwest-Bellevue, Seattle-2002-2003

My syllabus includes the Cuban method of learning how to play the Conga drums and the multitude of rhythms and styles of Cuban music, African, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Brasilian.

What I teach is up to 100 Afro-Cuban/Caribbean rhythms and modern styles ex.Pop,Jazz,etc.
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Re: Conga Technique, sound development, exercises

Postby Kaban » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:13 pm

Hey Mangorockfish,

It was online, no hassle with driving or dragging your drums. Try it out.

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Re: Conga Technique, sound development, exercises

Postby mangorockfish » Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:17 am

Kaban wrote:Hey Mangorockfish,

It was online, no hassle with driving or dragging your drums. Try it out.


I may if I can ever get moved into my new house.
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