Playing Pop, Soul, R&B, and Rock-N-Roll

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Playing Pop, Soul, R&B, and Rock-N-Roll

Postby mangorockfish » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:42 am

When playing the above types of music, do you play traditional rythyms or usually just get a groove going and play it all through the song with a few fills along the way? Thanks
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Re: Playing Pop, Soul, R&B, and Rock-N-Roll

Postby Thomas Altmann » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:46 pm

If the producer /bandleader doesn't encourage me otherwise, I would always go for one pattern /one instrument in each section of the form, played straight with very few and very short variations, if at all. Use the same instrument and the same rhythm pattern in each respective section also in repeats and D.S. /D.C. to make the form clear and the sections recognizable. Don't change sound colors and instruments too often in one piece. Also consider laying out whenever your contribution would not bring a real benefit for the music.

When playing fills, make sure you don't clash with the set drummer. In those styles it's generally the drumset that covers fills in transitions.

The standard tumbao of Mambo, Son, Guaracha etc. is often the only rhythm that Pop musicians associate with congas. You know there are other rhythms, and you can suggest these but they may sound inappropriate to your fellow musicians. I often choose modifications that incorporate a backbeat slap. Study the guys in that business. For my generation it was people like Paulinho Da Costa and Ralph McDonald who influenced me.

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