Have u ever heard of ....

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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby Sakuntu » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:36 pm

One of the first conga players/pro percussionists I ever listened to was Tor. My dad gave me a casette of his album "Global Village" His track "The Conjuror" was the first conga solo I ever heard :-) I still enjoy that album!
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby niallgregory » Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:13 pm

Mambo cadillac at the triple door ! I was there one night while on tour . Jc was a gentleman ! Bought me a beer and got me to sit in on congas for a tune :D Nice memories .Say hi to tor for me !!!
niall gregory
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby congabluedog » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:01 pm

Hi Johnny Conga...you don't know me but I have seen alot of your posts and I am always filled with nostalgia for Seattle. I lived there from 1990 to 2000. I moved back east for family reasons but I just want to say that Tor was my first teacher and he instilled a love in me for these drums and AfroCuban music. He is an amazing teacher and an even more amazing human being. I am really grateful to him. He gave me a drum many years ago and I still have it..will never sell because it was from him. So just wanted to say hi from a fellow Seattlite now turned New Yorker. Jacqui
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby JohnnyConga » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:32 pm

Cool Bro!...Tor and I and a bunch of other cats jammed last night for a goodbye party to a friend of ours singer Danny Olaizola ...Tor sends his regards...

In the meantime here is one of my favorite players from Cuba Pakito Baeza ..."JC" Johnny Conga

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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby Congadelica » Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:34 pm

Pakito lives in Alicante Costa Blanca Espana . A freind took some lessons with him a few months ago he said Pakito was a good teacher and also had amazing chops and a cool guy to work with , if you need to book lessons you will find him on Face Book . Yes JC he one of my fave congueros this is too much enjoy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXoXMAks ... re=related
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby ABAKUA » Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:56 am

JohnnyConga wrote:In the meantime here is one of my favorite players from Cuba Pakito Baeza ..."JC" Johnny Conga


Yo brother, Pakito aint no Cuban! :lol: He is "Spanish" Born n bred Gallego (slang for those born in Spain) so to speak.
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby JohnnyConga » Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:56 am

A Gallego huh, wow..but he studied in Cuba?..."JC" Johnny Conga
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby ABAKUA » Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:39 am

JohnnyConga wrote:A Gallego huh, wow..but he studied in Cuba?..."JC" Johnny Conga

Nope.... He has spent much time studying with Armando Perez, Giovanni & Changuito though.

Regardless of where he is from etc, the brother has definately got some great skill. Great chops, great technique, fuerza, presencia & afinque. Awesome player.

From his myspace.....

1990 He finds his first teacher of Afro-Cuban percussion, Armando García Pérez, a musician living in Alicante, who had been a professor in the Instituto Nacional Ignacio Cervantes in Habana, a regular in the Tropicana orchestra and collaborator with the well known orchestra director and founder of “Fania All Stars” record company, Johny Pacheco . Over the next two years he learns with “Armandito” García the basic techniques of “la conga”, the bongo and the kettledrum as well as learning a new lifestyle , that of the professional musician.

1992 He begins to study on his own Afro-Cuban percussion and he becomes interested in Jazz, Latin music and Funky.
This year marks the beginning of his career as a professional percussionist. During this year and the next, Pakito Baeza accompanies a long list of local bands of different styles. Amongst them Quenira (Ethnic Music), Tabú (Hard-Rock) and Buen Bajio (Flamenco).

1993 He plays in Desafinado Venue in Alicante with musicians such as flutist-saxophonist Jorge Pardo, guitarist Ximo Tébar and Mingo D’Acosta, who practise the fusion of Jazz with flamenco or Latin sounds.
His first experience as a studio musician was with Brazilian percussionist Rubem Dantas.
Rubem Dantas (Paco de Lucía) hears him play at rehearsals for his concert in the Plaza de Toros in Alicante and invites him to participate in his album “Nativo” with Jorge Pardo, Luis Dulzaides and Agustin Carbonell “El Bola”.
Out of this collaboration emerges the exchange of techniques and subsequent collaborations between Brazilian percussionist Rubem Dantas and Pakito.
He accompanies Narciso Medina’s Cuban Dance Company at the Plaza de Toros of Alicante.

1994 He performs with the Gran Caiman Orchestra and records a CD for the Pop-Rock group La Apuesta, in the Jan Candela recording studios in Barcelona. Subsequently, this job opens doors to further recordings with this studio.

1995 He learns the Hindi tabla techniques from Xavier Turull (Barcelona) and Wirender Kumar (Alcoi) to enrich his style.
He does live collaborations with singer/songwriters such as Pablo Milanés, Compay Segundo, Jose Manuel Soto, Victor Manuel and Pi de la Serra, during the “Cultura Week of Alicante” and records two CDs with Agrupacion Albaladre.

1996 He starts teaching Latin percussion at the University of Alicante where presently he continues to run seminars and/or ongoing courses.
He accompanies DJs with live percussion at Zoo venue in Alicante, an aspect of his work he continues to develop presently.
He participates as percussionist with the Lino Zorrilla dance company in Spanish theatres such as Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. This collaboration continues until 1999.
He collaborates with the bands Indra (Pop-Rock), Norma Jean (Funky) and La Partida (Pop).
He goes on tour through Egypt with the Instituto Cervantes performing the play “Del Flamenco al Mestizaje” with percussionist Rubem Dantas and the flamenco singer José Campaña, a project in which his music would blend with that of the Egyptian group Sabil.

1997 He travels to Cuba to participate in the percussion festival “Percuba” where he is met by the organisers with great surprise, for they were unaware there were musicians in Spain playing Latin percussion. He takes this opportunity to become acquainted directly with the Cuban street folklore and to deepen his knowledge of the Caribbean rhythms with the congueros Roberto Vizcaino and Pedro Vega.
He is trained by Antonio Lino Naira Betancourt and drummer Salvador Niebla and is proposed to perform in the following festival.
He records the rhythmic pattern for Ketron X-1 Virtual Sound (Italy), the first instrument on the market of these characteristics.

1998 Pakito defines this as “one of his most important years” of his career in. He is given a scholarship from Berkley College of Music (Boston)- the most prestigious jazz school internationally. It is here where he performs with Mexican VIBRAPHONIST Victor Mendoza for the World Percussion Festival.
Pakito is selected to be one of the four students to be taught by Giovanni Hidalgo, member of Tito Puente’s Golden Latin Jazz and one of the main “congueros” of today’s Latin Jazz.
At Berkley he extends his resources with Cuban drummers Horacio “el Negro” Hernandez, a regular of the record company Messidor and Walfredo de los Reyes, a collaborator with Nat king Cole and conguero Carlos “Patato” Valdez, a key player of the Latin jazz that accompanied Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Herbie Mann or Max Roach for record companies such as Verve, Blue Note or Farnia. Finally he obtains his diploma with Gary Burton.
He participates as a percussion professor in the II International Seminar of Jazz and Latin Music (SEDAJAZZ) in Cullera next to Latin Jazz trumpeter Mike P. Mossman, North American pianist Brad Meldhan, soul singer Devorah Carter or HIGH saxophonist Perico Sambeat.
He performs in various international jazz festivals presenting CD/ALBUMS “Home Page” with Ximo Tébar Band, with whom he performs in concerts in the main cities in Spain.
Not only does he combine his educational job in the University of Alicante with auditions in schools for the Diputación Provincial de Alicante, but also leads a “Master Class” in the Conservatorio Superior de Musica of Alicante.

1998-1999 He joins the vocal formation Samba Pa’ Ti, lead by Alicante singer Margot Cortés, with whom he offers concerts in venues and theatres throughout the province with a repertoire of classic Brazilian themes.

1999-2000 He introduces himself further into Tribal Sound electronic Music with live percussion. These collaborations lead him to accompany some of the most prestigious DJs of the national house scene such as César de Melero or Pedro del Moral, as well as well known DJs form Alicante scene. This includes Gonzalo Menoyo (KU Benidorm), David Martínez (Desafinado), Joe Montana (Italia) and DJ Pippi (Ibiza Residents).
Over the next year he joins “Lucho Aguilar and Joa Soler Quartet” a Jazz formation of Valencian doble bass player and guitarist with harmonist Antonio Serrano.

2001 He meets DJ Chuss in “sala talisman” in Desafinado. After this initial meeting he becomes DJ Chuss’ official percussionist and records “That Feeling” for “Defected” record company with Stereo Productions.

2002 He performs in the Chesterfield venue in Madrid as collaborator to the emblematic conguero Giovanni Hidalgo.
He maintains his Tribal Sound shows (the fusion of dance House music, Techno-Funk, Tribal, Garage and Jungle with Afro-Caribbean percussion) doing live accompaniments and participating in House parties in the most important Dance venues in Spain, such as Privilege (Ibiza) or Teatro Kapital (Madrid).
Over the last couple of years he has performed with Señor Lobo (Casa Latina), DJ Pippi (Ibiza Resident), DJ Chuss (Stereo Producciones), DJ Rives, Susso (Km5, AMNESIA and Pachá Ibiza), Ralph Manuel or Joe Montana amongst others.
He leaves Toca Percusion to become an endorser of the firm Latin Percusion, world leader in sales of percussion instruments for professionals.

2003 He runs “clinics” as endorser for Latin Percusion, the first one being in 2003 Tour at the Chesterfield Café with Madrid Musical.
Currently Pakito is preparing his House Music Album with producer and arranger Pepe Dougan who has worked for artists such as Luis Miguel, Marta Sanchez and the Cuban group Orishas.
Pakito also collaborates in an edition of a CD for Antena 3 Television Channel.
In August he runs a seminar in Muro de Alcoy with director of the Symphonic of Alicante “Joan Iborra” and the kettledrummer “Grati Murcia”.
He records with Reserved Sounds, the successful recording of Sax Delight with American saxophonist Michael Sax and DJ Producer Marmol, whilst he tours various cities throughout Spain.

2004 On 23 June he performs in Alicante with Safri Duo promoted by Cadena Ser radio station for the Hogueras de San Juan celebrations.
He is the guest performer in Chesterfield Café in Madrid with Giovanni Hidalgo and Piraña, to promote Madrid Musical and Latin Percussion.
He directs “UA” Percussion Group in the University of Alicante, performing for its 25th Anniversary and in festivals such as El FAM.
In August he participates as professor in the International Percussion Festival in Guardamar, sharing the stage with well known artists such as Manel Ramada and Don Famularo.
He also performs in the FORUM in Barcelona with the flamenco group “Matipen” under the direction of Paco Suarez.
In the summer of this year and at present he works as musician for Heineken performing the show - House Percussion live.
In March he becomes endorser for “Remo” drum heads alongside Nova Percusio.
He runs a seminar in “Musikene” (San Sebastian) with “Latin Percussion” and “Remo”

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/pakitobaeza#ixzz0rHnsolwQ
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby JohnnyConga » Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:32 pm

So the answer to my question is YES he did study in Cuba also at Berkely with Gio(who also studied in Cuba)..."JC" Johnny Conga
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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby OLSONGO » Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:59 pm

Most of the promo that i see for him is for clinics and playing with DJs in discos.

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Re: Have u ever heard of ....

Postby rhythmrhyme » Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:55 pm

To resurrect this thread - man this cat has a lot of quality instructional video's on You Tube!!!

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... _RC2zSwaEM
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