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Postby Laurent Lamy » Wed Jul 31, 2002 5:28 pm

July 31, 2002 Setting a new head by Laurent Lamy

Dip the head into water for ~ 24h.

A bit of cleaning with grease, it is perfect

Get the soft head out of water (it can be 2mm thicker).

Drill holes with a awl. ~ 12 holes.

Place the rim on the outside side of the head.

Join the two sides with a string.

Be sure that the rim is well centered.

Be careful not to stretch the string too much.

Adjust the head and the outside rim

A good trick to help the screw's adjustment on every side.

After cutting the string, bring the rim down. Place all screw, don't tight too much.

Place all screw, don't tight too much.

Cut the surplus head.

Bring the rim down not more than ~ 1cm.

Let it dry.

Tune up.
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