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PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2002 2:57 am
by CongaMan
First cathegory: WORKSHOP&SEMINARS

Who is entitled to add a Workshop?
Any CongaPlace visitor or just a selected group of people?

.. we could let anyone adding a workshop but check all submissions for approval ...

What kind of info we want to see about the workshop?

... my idea:

- date
- location
- title
- description
- a single file (audio, text or image in a small size)

If we add other info, like for example "instrument", we will be able to search for workshop related to that instrument only...

Anyway this is just the beginning and for the moment I await your first comments... keep in touch!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2002 12:26 am
by CongaMan
A fisrt experiment to start with...


PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2002 8:14 pm
by Bongo Boy

a) a URL for further information (if applicable)--this would be ideal and would eliminate the need to verify. verification would be done by the user by going to the original source
b) name and phone number/email address of the contact for joining the workshop
c) workshop duration and price, if known/applicable
d) the official sponsor of the workshop (often these are sponsored by a retailer, distributor, manufacturer or some combination.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2002 10:18 pm
by JohnnyConga
:D Vaya mi gente...I missed the Forum but I'm back and in Seattle,Wash. Myfirst gig is with a New band called Quimbara.I have also landed a clinic at a local community College and looking forward to working with the Latin Jazz band Rumba Abierta,Grupo Jazz Tumbao and RumbaCalzada from Vancouver,Canada. Making new friends and musicians in the Northwest ,a vibrant scene with a lot of different music. I think I am going to like it here......Always at your Service...JC JOHNNY CONGA..... ;) ANY QUESTIONS? Relating to the Road or touring,etc.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2002 4:53 am
by Bongo Boy
"...any questions?"

Yes!!! Are you relocating permanently from Miami to Seattle? Your body won't be able to handle it!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2002 4:11 pm
by JohnnyConga
:D it is a possibility,it was 40 degrees when i woke up this morning, a big change from 90 degrees in Miami. But i'm from the Bronx and grew up in the cold it will be a bit of readjustment ,for sure,but I'm working and that is what counts. Oh yea there was a mild earthquake north of Seattle,2 days ago, somthing I haven't experienced since I left LA in 86. So Seattle it is!........Brrrrrrrrrr.......JC At your Service.... ;)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2002 3:46 pm
by JohnnyConga
:D I am very happy to announce that I have been hired by Bellevue Community College-"Music Works",as "Specialist" in Afro-Caribbean Drumming and Music,here in Seattle. I will also be teaching at the Langston Hughes Cultural Community Center in Seattle,come September. So far I have played with the following bands: Orch.Cambalache-Quimbara-Fred Hoadley and Sonando-Rumba Abierta-Grupo Son and my group Origins. Chek my site for dates and places. ....Peace and Always Congas.....At your Service...JC JOHNNY CONGA... :D

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2002 12:00 pm
by 120decibels

Congrats on the teaching gig. Good luck! It sounds like you've thrown yourself into the Seattle scene pretty quickly.


PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2002 2:54 pm
by JohnnyConga
:D Hi Zach..Thank you..yes i came in like gangbusters. I went from Nada IN MIAMI TO PLAYING IN 6 BANDS AND LANDING 2 TEACHING GIGS! I had to make a change or die in Miami. This is not new to me being I grew up in the Bronx lived in Germany(3 yrs) ,L.A.for 10 and Miami for 16. I think I'm gonna stay here for a while,as long as I have a life playing and teaching I'm cool like that. Thanks again...At your Service...JC JOHNNY CONGA...

PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2004 9:00 pm
by zaragemca
I'm glad you find you confort-zone,I also did live in Miami and L.Angeles.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 2:11 am
by franc
johnny congas, CONGUERRO MAYOR!! this is your friend in p.r. franc, remembered me?? i ordered your recent cd. i'm enjoying it to the fullest. great sound!! i'm happy for you. i think you deserve this great oportunity. your are a master conguero and a great humanbeing. i'm sure the students at Bellevue in Seatlle will nourish great knowledge from your teaching. CONGRATULATION!!! your friend, franc :O

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2004 6:32 pm
by Johnny Conga
Hello Franc...como ta brother?...I have been offline for the past couple of weeks so I'm just getting your msg. Did you receive the CD from me or u got it online? If you got it online from where?....I await your post...How is everything?....Paz y tumbas....JC JOHNNY CONGA... :D

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2004 6:42 pm
by Johnny Conga
Well after being in Seattle for more than a year, I have to tell you it isn't cracked up to be what I thought it would be. The bands here "play for FREE". The musicians don't have any kind of seriousness about them and don't consider music playing anything to be serious about. As they say here "it's just another gig", which offends me, personally. They don't even want to rehearse here. Most gigs are for the door or for FREE. It took me 3 months to get a bunch of guys to learn 12 of my tunes-3 months to learn 12 tunes, can u imagine that? Then nobody wants to commit to anything. Once again that west coast mentality, of yea whatever!. I am very dissapointed in Seattle's music scene, with a lot of talent here and going nowhere with it, seems a bitter shame. I mention the word "tour" and everybody cringes or their too comfortable in their element and don't want to upset it. I rocked the boat here and I've been "tagged" grumpy and complainer, well "dont give me any ammunition and I won't shoot you"! I say. So maybe in about 6 months I may be going back to my band in Miami, which is still happening and I already have a good paying gig waiting for me come June, should I decide to go back. This story is not over by a long shot........At your Sevice...JC JOHNNY CONGA...

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 1:28 am
by Johnny Conga
Disregard-jut one of those days for me......JC JOHNNY CONGA..... :(

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 12:44 pm
by stlouieray
??? WOW, I'd like to see how all of this turns out for you. I've got some difficulties myself, that I'm tryin' to work through.

Best of luck to ya',