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Postby JohnnyConga » Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:47 pm

Here is my Playlist for this week, featuring the NEW music of Elspeth Savini & Orch. Zarabanda(Seattle),Spanish Harlem Orch(NYC),Monguito Santamaria(Miami), Tempo Forte(France), Grupo Latin Vibe(NYC), Chembo Corniel(NYC), San Lazaro(Australia),Ocho y Media(France), Sammy Figueroa(Miami),and Somos Son(Santa Barbara,CA).....

Artist Song Album/CD Label

1.Spanish Harlem Orch. Sacala Bailar United we Stand.. SixDegreesrecs.

2.Tempo Forte Ya Nos Veremos Ya Nos Veremos

3.Rigo y su Obra Maestra Rumba pa Rumberos Rumba pa Rumberos ObraMaestrarecs.

4.Ricardo Lemvo Mentirosa Isabela Mopiatomusic

5.Hector Cuevas Merengue Jazz In Dreams.... HCrecs.

6.Grupo Latin Vibe Me voy pa La Rumba Amanecer

7.Chembo Corniel Pedro Padre For the rest of your life.... Chembororecs.

8.Papo Vasquez Si Senor Bob From the Badlands.. Picarorecs.

9.San Lazaro Ventolera Mestizos Urbanos

10.Ocho y Media A La Hora Sigue!... MosaicMusic

11.Panchito Templo Isis Resurreccion Panchito.NL

12.John Santos Descarga Iyawo Tribute to the Masters CuBop

13.Mongo Santamaria Cinderella Skin on Skin Rhinorecs.

14.Monguito Santamaria Caoba soon to be released....

15.Sammy Figueroa Together The Magician Savantrecs.

16.Somos Son Bilongo Afrodite

17.Zapato Negro Segundo Recreo Zapato Negro

18.Picoso Escuchame Mama Vamos pal Mole!...(soon to be released)

19.Alain Perez La Canchachara en el aire AYVArecs.(spain)

20.Mongo Santamaria Cold Sweat Skin on Skin Rhinorecs.

Gracias a todos!...I am accepting anything NEW or CLASSIC for my No.1 Latin Radio show "AL LADO LATINO"...Please email me at for directions to send your promo copies to...IT WILL GET PLAYED!....SIGUE LA TRADICION!....."JC" JOHNNY CONGA-HOST/CREATOR OF "AL LADO LATINO"....91.3FM online at every saturday at 6pm Pacific time USA.... :D
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Postby Chapo » Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:11 pm

Sound like some good music JC. I'll definitely check it out.

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