Free Workshop 2/7/08 Santa Clara, CA - Rogelio Nono Kindelan of Grupo Ban Ra Ra

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Part of the Festival de Musica Cubana

Afro Cuban Percussion Workshop

Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008 / Recital Hall, 12 pm

Free admission, no tickets required

Cuba’s Centro Nacional de Escuelas de Arte Professor Rogelio (Noño) Kindelan and other guest artists lead SCU percussion students in a workshop involving the complex technique and rhythms of Cuba’s music.

Rogelio "Noño" Kindelan was the principal Music Director and a professor of percussion with Ban Rra Rra as well as a member of the Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana. He studied percussion with Julian Gali and worked asa director of La Escuela de Arte de Nivel Medio. Currently, he teaches percussion classes at the University of Santa Clara and other schools in the San Francisco bay area.
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