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Postby Mike » Wed Oct 10, 2001 5:49 pm

I wonder how many of you congueros have found the new link?! I already thought the congaplace days were counted...

No particular topic is on my mind, which would not make sense anyway if there wasn´t somebody to read or answer it...
So: Let´s see who´s there...

Let love and music rules these days
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Postby CongaMan » Fri Oct 12, 2001 10:55 pm

Hi Mike,
the link to the forum has never changed; unfortunately, due to the fact that I'm moving the site to a new server it seems that something changed to the old server...

what is happening is that my old server doesn't accept anymore uncomplete url... the link to the forum was:
http://www.congaplace.com/forum/ and it was working before... now if you don't specify the complete url the server doesn't go to the index page ... in consequence of that i should change any link to the forum to:

I did it on the home page but not on all the other pages on the site ... Early next week the entire site will be available from the new server and this problem will not exist anymore... so if you cannot see some pages now try to add at the end of the url index.htm or indexita.htm or indexeng.htm ... I apologize for this and other inconvenient on the site .....

Bye the way what do u mean with "I thought congaplace days were counted" ?
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Postby Mike » Sat Oct 13, 2001 7:17 am

Hi Congaman and thanks for your reply!
I just had the problem you mentioned, i.e. I could not go to the forum via congaplace.com or with the link I normally used.
I was desparate, but fortunately, a French member sent me an e-mail with the ´trick´. So everything i alright now :-)
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