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LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas Color Has Changed. Less Flake

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:11 am
by Gallichio
Hello Congaplace,

I hope all is well and everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have always been a big fan of LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas. I wanted to let everyone know that if they have a LP Galaxy Fiberglass Conga and want to add another drum to your set that you will be in for a surprise when you see the color difference from the way LP did make them and the way they are made today. I want to inform you of this so you won't have the hassle or disappointment that I did. I have over the years had 4 sets of these drums. The color match consistency was very good to excellent over the years. Now it is no longer a match if you have an older drum and say you want to add a Requinto the amount of flake that gives the drums a "Galaxy" look has been cut by what looks like to me about 2/3 of the amount. Please understand the drums are still beautiful but the amount of flake now being used is far less. I sold my older set to a dear friend/student John Doty. John was only using 2 of the 4 drums in the set. I purchased back 2 of the drums he was not using. I called X8 drums and ordered a Conga and Tumba to complete the set of 4 drums. When the arrived they were not even close at all in color. The drums in general are built exactly the same way they were built except for the amount of flake in the color. Very disappointed I called X8 drums and they referred me to LP. LP said they will find out about the color and get back to me. They did get back to me and said this is the way they make them now. Well now I had a set of 4 LP Galaxy fiberglass congas that did not match in color. Yes I am very particular about the look of the set. Luckily my dear friend John traded me the 2 older Conga and Tumba for the new ones. Now he has a new set of Conga and Tumba that match and I have a set of 4 again that match. Big Thank you to John for helping me out of this mess. I would have had to pay for shipping the drums back to X8 drums and pay a hefty restocking fee. LP customer service rep Nick was great and made it up to me by comping me with some parts/heads but I just wanted everyone to be aware of this color/flake problem. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else and hope it helps prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Take care

two drums on left are older LP Galaxy Fiberglass with a lot of flake. The drum on the right is new much less flake LP Galaxy Fiberglass.

Here is my set that now matches.

Re: LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas Color Has Changed. Less Flak

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:44 pm
by Kaban
Thanks for the heads up. It's too bad, they do look better with the extra flakes. :(

Re: LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas Color Has Changed. Less Flak

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:14 am
by Kaban
Great news, Greg at ARTDRUM.COM, 908-829-5546 championed the cause for me (I bought a set from him and was pissed when I got less then what was expected) he slowly climbed to the upper brass of LP. If you want LP GALAXY FIBERGLASS with the full flake look, call him. He can get you the real deal, and if your not happy, he will work with you and LP to make it right! He also will price match, and almost always honor discount coupons from other stores. :D