Conga, etc going out of style?

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Conga, etc going out of style?

Postby valde002 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:41 pm

Are latin percussion instruments going out of style? No one has been on this site for a while and I don't see too much music with these types of instruments any more?

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Re: Conga, etc going out of style?

Postby jorge » Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:27 am

Are you kidding? You are just in the wrong place. There is a major boom of AfroCuban jazz worldwide, top AfroCuban groups are doing tours in Poland, Russia, Japan, Israel, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, lots of other countries. In the US, main centers are NYC and the Bay area of Northern CA and lots of smaller centers. Apparently Columbia SC is not one of them. This site has lost most of its participants who have gone to Facebook.
Bomba and Plena are alive and well also, and NY Salsa is still hanging in there with a few groups of young musicians. Eddie Palmieri started gigging again every week after he turned 80 and has a killer new CD out Sabiduria. YouTube has more AfroCuban music posted now than I have ever heard in my life, thousands of songs, and lots of really excellent ones. Check out Brenda Navarrete's new CD Mi Mundo. It's all on YT. She won the top prize in the bata category playing 3 bata drums and singing in the Fiesta de Tambores in la Habana a few years ago and now is touring with a great band. Pedrito Martinez is playing 3 congas, a cajon, a high hat, a snare drum, a cymbal all with his hands and clave on the high hat with his foot while singing lead. Pablo Menendez and Mezcla were just in the US from la Habana, great fusion of AfroCuban and Rock and Jazz and other music. Osain del Monte kicked ass at the New Orleans Jazz Festival last spring, along with a whole pile of other excellent to outstanding Cuban groups.
Check out YouTube, then buy the CDs or download the music. You can do all that from Columbia SC, but if you want to actually play with other musicians, you may need to go somewhere else. Come to NYC and I can hook you up with literally dozens of excellent and world class Cuban percussion teachers, depends on what styles you want to learn. Go to La Habana on one of Ned Sublette's or La Mora's music trips and find some teachers and a good BnB then go back on your own to study. Lots of options, but you have to look in the right places. You also have to learn to listen in clave to appreciate the incredibly high level of musicianship that is out there now.
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Re: Conga, etc going out of style?

Postby rhythmrhyme » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:13 am

Thanks for that Jorge, this forum has lost a lot of traffic but remains a good archive.

It's a funny idea that latin music has gone 'out of style', really, quite funny. In addition to your long list, just try the Latin section on Tidal. I found a mix of new music out of Columbia there recently that was great, some novel rhythmic composition in that list! Felt so inspired I started looking up flights :D :D All played in CD quality or better off my laptop, through the DAC and to some active studio monitors.
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