Searching for 'Unread' is better than searching for 'New'.

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Searching for 'Unread' is better than searching for 'New'.

Postby thomas newton » Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:31 am

Using the current method, when the user clicks the link 'View New Posts' they get to see a list of posts that have been made that day regardless of whether they have read them or not and, at a certain time, all the posts of that day disappear whether the user has read them or not.

It would be far better imo to use 'View Unread Posts' so that if the user hasn't read the new posts they stick around in the list until the user reads them or marks them as read.

Is it possible with this forum software? I think it would be a big improvement.
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Re: Searching for 'Unread' is better than searching for 'New'.

Postby CongaMan » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:11 pm

It's not available to click because that function is always on... every time you connect to the board the board higlights to you wich forum contains unread topics.. then you can go and read the topic or you can use the "Mark topics read" function.
What we don't have is the possibility to have all the unread messages on a single page like you have using "View new post".. yes, i agree with you, it could be useful but on the other side with the "highlighting system" to find the unread messages is quite easy and fast...

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