Sales of your instruments or buying quality instruments

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Re: Sales of your instruments or buying quality instruments

Postby pcastag » Tue May 17, 2011 2:45 pm

Guess so, mine were mint, and I guess the dude didnt want to wait 6 months. I just paid 1500 for two matt smith mahoganies used, wait time two years, cost new 2,075.00, (975 for the african, 1100 for the honduran)I think I got a good deal, especially not having to wait two years. But hey, I know SF, I was born there, if you're good riding your bike around the city with 1500 dollars worth of cherry drums on there go for yours! Liek I said, new is new, used is used, but remember there are other factors to consider,
A.cost new, you yourself put out 1500 for some SOS drums so you know the value of the drum
B. Wait time, all custom drums take time, we've seen the incredible lag in Matts production, 6 months can be a lot of time to people especially if they're playing alot, those drums could earn plenty of cash for somebody on the bandstand.
C. Condition, pristine is pristine, the sound of the drums only improves with time, so to each his own.
D. Rarity, and availibility, you can't get a vergara new, so how do you then judge the value? Just like my sonocs, the total cost for me to buy the drums and have them refurbed was right aropund 1400, well worth it, where can I get that look and sound? nowhere, (actually I could take a trip to Hbana and bring some old beater back and have them reconditioned) would I rather have them than a new set of Jay's? Yes, so to me, rather than looking just at the pricipal of the drums being used, you have to take in all those other factors. Of course to each his own. Let me know when you come across a used vergara in pristine condition or some sonocs, or some matts for 250-500. Might happen but I doubt it.
D. Supply and demand,the lower the supply, the higher the demand, the greater the price! Simple economics.
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