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Postby ozrivera » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:58 pm

Saludos Hermanos

Happy belated new years to all.
i dont know if there are any implications about posting this stuff here. but other forums that im a member of have a section for sharing stuff like this. i have tons of links for music from rapidshare and other data hosting sites. and wanted to share it some with you guys.

we'll start with a good one

Humberto Ramirez - Puerto Rico Jazz Jam

this cd has just about all top percussionist from P.R, Cuba and New York and others. to include gio, horacio, paoli, pedrito and a gang of others.

guys i literally have thousands of links from download sites for complete albums. all afro-caribbean. let me know what you guys think.


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Postby ozrivera » Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:03 pm

Here is another one with a good Description

Latin music lovers, I hope you'll find what you like here! I'll share with you my favorites, Latin Jazz, Jazz, Salsa and much more. Hope you'll spend good time listening to my stuff and remember, all this is to make you discover good grooves, if you like what you find here, please support artists...Enjoy!

Thursday, 27 September 2007
New York Descargas

From New York, here is a collection of classic salsa music jam sessions led by Charlie Palmieri, Cachao and others.

NB: This comes from an upload by Ibiza on, thanks to him!

This is a superb compilation of Cuban Descargas recorded in New York in the 1960s; around a rhythm or sketched riffs or vocal lines, the musicians can soar off at will, with the funkiest grooves as a kind of safety net for some truly inspired improvising.

The Cuban Descarga, after being given birth in Havana by such jazz luminaries as Cachao Lopez, Peruchin, Nino Rivera, was fostered in New York by producer Al Santiago. It was he who produced The Salsa All Stars sessions (making up the first 5 Descargas presented on this release) by bringing together the cream of New York Latin musicians, including special guests such as the legendary Cachao, to jam. These sessions went on to influence many others to do likewise thus defining the direction of 'salsa' music in the sixties and seventies. With such musicians as Charlie Palmieri, Cachao, Louie Ramirez, Kako, Puchi Boulong, and the orquestras of Willie Rodriguez, Raphie Martinez and Joe Cotto this release is easily the best of Latin music New York had to offer.


The crew:
Charlie Palmieri - Piano
Cachao Lopez - Bass
Kako - Timbales
Puchi Boulong, Victor Paz, Dave Gonzalez, Lionel Sanchez - Trumpets
Mario Rivera, Richie Meza, Morty Lazzar - Saxophones
Pupi Legarretta - Flute
Louie Ramirez, Frankie Malabe, Johnny 'Dandy' Rodriguez, Tito Jimenez, Cortijito, Pedro Perdomo, Chickie Perez - Percussion
Azuquita, Chamaco Ramirez - Vocals
Hector La Voe, Yayo El Indio, Santos Colon, Chivirico Davila - Coros.

Track listings:
1. The Salsa All Stars Descarga De Cueros Y Vientos
2. The Salsa All Stars Eloisa
3. The Salsa All Stars Descarga En "K"
4. The Salsa All Stars Mi Tierra Natal
5. The Salsa All Stars Llora Tu Partida
6. Orquesta Primitivo Santos La Napa De Mani
7. Orquesta Joe Cotto Why Not Me
8. Orquesta Cheo Diaz Cairo
9. Chorolo y su Combo Descarga Atomica
10. Orquesta Willie Rodriguez Descarga 72
11. Raphie Martinez and his National Combo It's About Time
12. Orquesta Joe Cotto Descarga #4



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Postby traumtyp » Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:22 am

Tata Güines & Angá, The Cuban All Stars - Pasaporte

Two of the greatest stars of percussion in Cuba are together here in this recording inviting us to stay, to offer us something like a special lesson where the leathers and the beats synchronise in an exceptional way. This is a closer encounter to old Rumberos, to the first ones.

Tata Güines & Angá, The Cuban All Stars - Pasaporte
Grabado en los estudios EGREM -
Ciudad de la Habana. Cuba. 1994
Jazz Latino | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 100.43 + 11.77 Mb


1.- Presentacion
Autor: Orlando Valle
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá

2.- Rumberos De Ayer
Autor: Benny Moré
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá
Participación especial: Raúl Planas

3.- У§©ã®Gã Pa' Gozar
Autor: Tata Güines
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá

4.- ¿Donde Va Mulata?
Autor: Calixto Callava
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá

5.- Angá
Autor: Orlando Valle
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá

6.- Blem Blem Blem
Autor: Chano Pozo
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá
Participación especial: Merceditas Valdés

7.- Tata Se Ha Vuelto Loco
Autor: Lázaro Rizo
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá
Participación especial: Laito

8.- La Clave De Los Primeros
Autor: Gelacio A. Aday Romeu "Chachi"
Intérprete: Tata Güines / Miguel Angá
Participación especial: Yumurí

Orlando Valle, Miguel Angá, Rodolfo Chacón Tartabull - Producción
Orlando Valle - dirección musical y orquestaciones
Ramón Alom - grabación y mezcla:
Maya Dagnino - fotografía
Esteban Ayala - diseño

Pass: burritocl

Espero lo disfruten!
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Postby Tonio » Fri Jan 18, 2008 7:17 pm

How would a site like that support the artists?

Freely giving out tunes?

Which UPLOAD RULES have to be followed? (Terms of use)

No files with illegal contents, for example pornography, child pornography, racist material and/or unauthorized copies of copyrighted material. This statement of categories is not the completed list.
We will not tolerate any abuse of our servers for copyright violations and reserve the right to delete any file that has been uploaded and/or distributed in violation of German or international copyrights. Copyright protected content may especially not be distributed to third parties (for example by publishing links to copyright protected files on other websites).
We will therefore delete any copyright protected file that we find on Internet Forums, warez-sites, etc.
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Postby No.2-1820 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:09 pm

I wondered that Tonio, unless I'm missing something this seems like an open call to share artists music for free. Obviously not much can be done about it going on in a general sense but openly promoting it on forums seems to be pushing it.

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Postby ozrivera » Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:25 pm

the site does not support the artist. i think we all know that.
it also does not freely give the tunes away. its a data hosting site. once a file is uploaded it creates a link that you use to access the data.
these uploaded files are not searchable, they have to be given to you or if youre a pretty good reasercherthey have to be found in order for them to be used.
the link itself does not violate any laws as.
anyways, i personally have not uploaded any but, will download all i can. im all about supporting artists but i will not pay $20. for a cd. when the artist doesnt even make a $1. of the sale of that cd. id rather go to a one of their concerts where most of the proceeds go to the arists.
these sites are not there to support anyone but themselves.
i have given the music companies my share of thousands of dollars worth of purchased music.
but, im not going to pay for it when its there to be had.
sorry, if i sound a bit harsh. dont mean to offend anyone but, thats just the way it is. and there isnt tanything anyone can do about it.


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Postby ozrivera » Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:48 pm

Here's another good one

The Montuno Sessions

Charlie Palmieri and others...(1980's)
Here I'am again with another peace of classic root Latin Music: the Montuno Sessions led by senor Charlie Palmieri, featuring Henry Fiol, Orlando Fiol, Jimmy Sabater, Wayne Gorbea and others.

Here you'll hear deep latin spirit rythms playing with Jazz and improvisation. The tracks on this cd were recorded live from a radio station in New York city, Studio 'A'. It's effectively hard to believe that there can be great live music like this on the radio! Listen now to the preview and check out the feeling of it...Enjoy!

Track listings:
1. Tema De Maria Cerantes
2. Tumba Palo
3. Descarga Charanson
4. 6/8 Modal Latin Jazz
5. Talking About The Danzon
6. Paracachero
7. Que No Muera
8. Son De Mi Vida
9. Oriente

About Charlie Palmieri:
Charlie Palmieri was born on 21 November 1926 in New York City of Puerto Rican parents. He was the pioneer of the Palmieri family in the development of the salsa music genre in which his brother Eddie was later successful as well.

Palmieri was, without a doubt, one of the best pianists in latin music circles. By 1943, during World War II, he played in Pupi Campos’ orchestra. At that time, he also directed the orchestra of the Jack Paar show, for a short while.

Use of the flute, previously introduced in New York by Gilberto Valdés and José Fajardo, was accepted by the dance orchestras, thanks to Palmieri. A lover of jazz and Cuban music, Palmieri also directed the bands of Pupi Campo, Rafael Muñoz, Noro Morales, Tito Puente, Xavier Cugat and Moncho Usera.

Palmieri was known as the “giant of the black and whites” for the voluptiousness of his execution and the forceful style on the keyboard. He made more than 20 long-play recordings over the course of his career. These included Electroduro, with Vista Hace Fe. in its song list, and Gigante del Teclado. He lived many years in Puerto Rico; playing at hotels in San Juan, until he decided to return to New York after suffering a heart attack.

Palmieri died on 12 September, 1988 in New York just before his scheduled tour to the United Kingdom and Japan, in which he was to accompany the famous Cuban conga virtuoso Ramón “Mongo” Santamaría.


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