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Postby toscano » Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:23 pm

Dear friends, I am going to start with the congas now, I play cajon, djembe, bongo, udu, dasrbuka etc. ... but I have never played congas. My budget is not very high, and I want to buy Conga (11 3 / 4) and Tumba (12 1 / 2), I almost decided, but I am hesitating between these two models Meinl: LUIS CONTE model or model CLASSIC MARATHON, how I recomendais which of the two?. Thank you so much, again you need ...

En español:

Estimados amigos, yo voy a empezar con las congas ahora, toco cajon, djembe, bongo, udu, dasrbuka etc...pero nunca he tocado congas. Mi presupuesto no es muy alto, y quiero comprar Conga (11 3/4) y Tumba (12 1/2), estoy casi decidido, pero estoy en duda entre estos dos modelos de Meinl: modelo LUIS CONTE o modelo MARATHON CLASSIC, ¿cual me recomendais de los dos?. Muchisimas gracias, de nuevo os necesito...
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Postby umannyt » Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:10 am


I highly recommend the Meinl Luis Conte over the Marathon. Both the Conte and Marathon use the same wood (rubber wood) and natural skin (water buffalo skin).

However, the Conte uses traditional rims, which I prefer, whereas the Marathon uses comfort rims which are stamped and more common with mass-produced congas.

Traditional rims are mounted closer to the shell (which Luis Conte specified with Meinl). Because of this, IMO, congas with traditional rims contribute to less ringing than comfort rims. And, reputedly, traditional rims enable easier mounting of new skins when you have or want to replace them down the road.

Traditional rims are what you find on the great majority of expensive, handcrafted congas. Therefore, IMO, traditional rims also add that boutique, more expensive look to the Conte.

I, personally, own a set of 3 handcrafted Isla Percussion congas: quinto, conga & tumba. If I didn't already have my hand-me-down Toca fiberglass practice quinto and conga, I wouldn't mind at all owning at least a pair of Meinl Luis Contes (conga and tumba) as my cheaper, practice congas.

Hope this helps and best of luck,

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Postby Derbeno » Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:47 am

I echo Manny's post.

Since your budget is tight have you investigated the 2nd hand market in España?
No need to fork out on a brand new pair if at all possible.
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Postby ozrivera » Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:58 pm

las dos son casi igual, la unica diferencia es la anilla tradicional en las luis conte en vez de la anilla de comfort.
yo tambien recomiendo las luis conte por eso mismo.
confirmado por los otros dos muchachos que mencionaron los mismo.
i have an old school set of marathons with the traditional rim which are now the Luis Conte edition. I love how they incorporated the handle to rim. ive had them for over 10 years and they still sound just as good if not better than when i first got them.

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Postby toscano » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:24 am

Thank you so much for helping friends ... at least that was the only difference between the two is the question of the traditional rims or comfort rims, the problem is a lot of people are saying that I initiated to better comfort rims, because I do much harm, and probably I repent while if you buy, they say me that if nearly all models congas emerging today will bring comfort rims hoops for something, and it is not to make the truth ... Regards greeting ...

En Español:

Muchisimas gracias por ayudarme menos ya se que la unica diferencia entre ambas es la cuestion del aro tradicional o el aro confort, el problema es mucha gente me está diciendo también que para iniciarme mejor aro confort porque con el tradicional me puedo hacer mucho daño, y probablemente me arrepienta al tiempo si lo compro, además me dicen que si casi todas los modelos de congas que salen hoy día traen aros confort será por algo, y es que no se que hacer la verdad...Un cordial saludo...
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Postby akdom » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:27 am

Hola companeros

Yo no conosco el modelo Conte, pero se que hacen buen instrumentos (las timbales son muy bien).

Tenia un par de Marathon series hacen anos y eran perfectas! Cambie el parche y tenian muy buen sonido (en ese tiempo no habia de comfort curve).

Pues la unica cosa que puedo decir es que los Meinl sont muy bien para empezar a tocar hasta que tenga un buen nivel. Despues seria preferible cambiar por mejor material.

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Postby Congadelica » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:28 am

I have a set of 3 marathon classics . I replaced the skins on all 3 , I now have a beautiful set of tumbadoras . they make great music.
Its all a matter of fact if you like traditional rims or comfort . there are some arguments that comfort rims ring , mine are not as bad as when they had the cheap ass water buffalo . if anything they sound very full and round . the open tone lasts longer . If you want comfort rims go for it I say , you could get confused with all the talk of traditional and comfort . Ive played both , If your tecknique is correct you wont hurt your hands .

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