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Postby umannyt » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:22 pm

Don't these remind you so much of LP Galaxy Giovanni Series congas?

Dang, these model-for-model resemblances of Tycoon Percussion congas to LP congas are, IMO, just getting too often to be mere coincidences.

The online brochure says:

# Constructed of hand-picked, top grade American Ash Wood.

# Special procedures are undergone in the production process to accentuate the patterns of the wood grain.

# 30" tall with a wide belly to create rich and deep bass tones.

# Newly-designed deluxe rims, reinforced side plates with 3/8" diameter tuning lugs and backing plates.

# Die-cast handle with matching color to hardware.

# Premium quality buffalo-skin head produces rich bass tones and crisp, crystal-clear high pitch tones.

# Super high-gloss coating applied and polished to create a naturally beautiful matte finish.

# Available in 4 Standard Sizes - 10", 11", 11 3/4" and 12 1/2".

# Accompanying single stands included.

Accompanying single stands? Such a deal!

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