Open Pit Log Drum Info?

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Open Pit Log Drum Info?

Postby BMac » Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:49 am

Hey folks, I recall years ago seeing online content about big open pit drums ... log drums perhaps I should say. Think of logs spanned across a pit, somewhat like a bali phone but really big ... logs being 2 meters across or so and the pit underneath also being up to 2 meters in depth. I don't recall their origin. Africa perhaps ... but I don't know. I think they were tentatively built, with only the logs(the keys of the instrument) being kept between special occasions in which the pits were dug.

So ... I am thinking of approaching a landowner in a festival culture here in North Carolina about building such an instrument. I want as much information as I can get regarding design. It will take a lot of work and big promises about hanging around to mitigate impact on the property. I'm up to all that ... and have some degree of credibility, which I can build up some more before asking to dig a giant pit in his yard ... well it's not his yard as much as it is his property ... but you get the idea. Anyway, I may can actually pull this off.

Do y'all know anything about this subject?

Internet links?

Thank you Much!
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