"Cuba canta"... but who?

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"Cuba canta"... but who?

Postby Siete Leguas » Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:02 pm

Soneras y Soneros,

once more, I'm trying to find out some information about a song that I like, namely the beautiful tune at the end of this video, starting at 32:43, whose title seems to be "Cuba canta". The video is supposed to be a compilation of songs by the Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro and is itself pretty good, featuring some nice recordings from different periods of the Septeto Nacional, although the sound quality is not great.

The last song, though, doesn't sound at all like the Septeto, so I asked the uploader about it, and he told me that he had edited that song into the video by mistake, and that the track was actually by the Orquesta Original de Manzanillo. However, although I could find a version by the Orquesta Original de Manzanillo, this one doesn't sound at all like them either, the Orquesta being rather a Charanga ensemble.

So I'm still wondering who recorded this version... I can only guess it's a post-revolution composition, based on the lyrics. I really like the sound of the piano in the montuno (always get goosebumps listening to it), the laid-back lead singing in that part, the great bongó repiques and that beautiful trombone solo towards the end.

I think it also features some clave jumpings in its arrangement, for those of you interested in the matter.

As ever, I would be very thankful for any information about this recording. Would love to listen to it with better sound quality.

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