Caxixi are waved basket, of various shape and size, with handels on top and filled with stuff like seashell, beans, beads or pebbles.
In origin caxixi was played along with the berimbau only (in Capoeira music) but today they are used by themselves in many styles.

Caxixi sound by shaking and you can play one or more in each hand at the same time. Hold higher sound caxixi in your right hand and lower in your left.
To play a stroke you have to throw down your hand and then pull up a little as the beads hit the hard bottom and produce the tipical sharp and dry sound.

You have to consider a small delay between your hand movement and the sound due to the time the beads need to hit the bottom. This will force you to play an istant ahead the beat to be on time.

Infos for the following rhythms:
"right hand high pitch caxixi - same as above - and turning it to make a regular normal stroke on the off-beats; A,B and C are traditional versions, D and E are versions developed by Christian Velasquez."

A and B go well together:
|:B|A:| for 3-2 clave and
|:A|B:| for 2-3 clave.


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