About me

Nando Brasil if formed with the master Dinho Gon?alves in the Ritmus School Integrated in Battery and situated Percussion in the street of the musicians Teodoro Sampaio. Nando also studied in the old ULM new the ONE HUNDRED - Center of Musical Studies, however because of works it had that to be stopped the studies, having been made two years of study. Having recorded the COMPACT DISC of estr?ia of Monica Marianno in 2003, in 2004 ASSAY launched the record of its called Band instrumental record Fusion, Nando also participated of workshops of tip musicians as: Airto Moreira, Javier Ibanez, Simone Soul, Paulo Campos, Dave Weckell, Dinho Gon?alves, Caio Ign?cio, where if it became friend of some until today. Recording the DVD release of the drummer Kelson Nunes in 2004. Also in 2005 the musician launched of independent form its first didactic method, "Basic Method Latin Percussion" where he encloses 15 Latin rhythms more than, exercises, techniques for some instruments, tips as if to prolongate, cares stop with the instrument a true manual for who want to learn Latin Percussion. Folloied of a COMPACT DISC with 83 bands of playbacks also having a newness, an interactive band where the pupil can have a visual notion attending a video, as one can be made ground with three congas. The book, that is the first volume of a series, brings a new conception in the study of the formation of a percussionists. Where it waits a good identification of the public between percussionists and drummers. More two volumes are engatilhados for 2? semester of 2007, one on Method Latin Percussion for Congas, 2, 3 and 4 congas. E in the year of of 2007 launched the method for Pandeiro - for the Publishing company Irm?os Vitale who already are venda in the store of the branch. 2007 - working DVD - Mudan?a de H?bito - Church Presbiteriana Betel - S?o Paulo - Brasil.