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. The 'Tree of Music by D. Tedoldi and philosopher and DanzaMovimentoTerapeuta. Soul '06 with the collaboration of Paolo Aldo Rossi, a professor of History of Scientific Thought at the University of Genoa; Massimo Marra, writer and researcher who gave the impulse to strict terms and documented to distinguish pseudoscience from reliable sources; MarcoMargnelli, neurophysiologist doctor, founder Center of Studies on Psychophysiology of States of Consciousness, which has led to the discovery of the experimental literature on the subject of trance; Nirodh Fortini, ethnomusicologist and music therapist, philosopher and researcher Maia Crow transcultural; Fabio Birotti, ethnoantropological for the contribution about the traditional music bells; In the beginning was the sound. And by the sound of the rhythm was born. And the pace was born everything. (Hart, p.11) In the beginning was noise. And noise begat rhythm. And rhythm begat everything else. Research that investigates the use of the drum in a therapeutic and ritual, to help other states of consciousness, what is not ordinary, modified, expanded. Remains constant fundamental interest for the exploration of states of consciousness, not through use of psychoactive substances, but simply by virtue of the human constitution, experiencing the powerful healing forces endogenous (in the words of anthropologist Victor Lanternari) that may arise from this exploration. In such contexts, the drum player of therapeutic rituals and trance? Why the drum, more than any other musical instrument, plays this role and what cultural elements, social and psycho-physiological event accompanying the trance induced by the rhythm of a drum? And how in contemporary Western society can still use the drum in therapeutic practice and training, to expand and develop their perception of expressive and communicative potential? So research that tends to explore the possible answers to these questions, starting from the ancient religions of the Great Mother and of Dionysius to the contemporary music therapy and danzamovimentoterapia, through shamanism, Candombl√©, Sufi, gnawa, tarantism tammurriate bells and ... The rhythm of the drum is thus revealed the bridge connection between the various experiences of being, until the hatching of the infinite sea of ​​knowledge that embraces the dimension of the Sacred.