About me

Performing for more than 20 years, Paoli Mej?as has already distinguished himself as a young master percussionist and is ranked among the best in both salsa and Latin jazz. Paoli is now at the vanguard of Latin jazz as leader of his own Quintet, with two CDs as band leader: ?Transcend? (2006) and ?Mi Tambor? (2004) which received a Grammy Award nomination in 2005 for Best Latin Jazz Album. The excellent reviews of Paoli?s second release ?Transcend? confirm Paoli?s innovative vision, global style and unique sound is capturing the attention of a diverse and growing fan base. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on March 7, 1970, Paoli is a self-taught musician whose musicial education started by listening to LPs of "Patato" Vald?s, Batacumbele and Irakere. The music of these masters inspired Paoli to purchase his first conga at the age of twelve, and from there he began imitating the rhythms he had been studying, playing along with the records. As an early teen he began participating in jam sessions in the streets and beaches of San Juan, and eventually performing along side many of his mentors. The talented Jos? Ram?rez, one of the best Bat? players in Puerto Rico, is among Paoli's teachers with whom he studied Afro-Cuban percussion. Over time Paoli has developed a unique style combining technique, melodic rhythmic patterns and his physical strength..... To view my complete biography CLICK HERE.