About me

THIS IS HOW ALL STARTED... I was Born in Manhattan New York On July 14, 1960 and douring my growth I didn't expect being part of the Latin Music History. All my family agreed that the pasion for music started since I was born. Acording with my sister I use to bang at almost everything that had sound. Also, when my mother use to put me in the tub for a bath, I use to hit the water so hard that I stayed naked in the tub with no water. My sister resolve the problem in a way that my father never agreed, she bought me a pair of bongoes and the situation of banging everything in the house finish for once and for all. I don't remember this story too much, but when I arrived to Puerto Rico I got for Christmas a pair of congas and a pair of bongoes and that's the moment that I started to practice. My Brother Cele (Junior) show me some salsa rythms in which I started to practice by my self. By that time I met my old friends "Little"Johnny Rivero and Jessie Colon in a Rumba in Guayanilla. Also, I met the Navas Bros. (Tuin, Edwin and Freddie) in School, they were natural percussionists. My first musical opportunity was given by Berty Rodriguez, founder of Berty Sound Audio. He was going to do a regeasal with a local group call El Son De Hoy. He didn't want to regearse because he wasn't a conga player, so I went and stayed in the group. After that I was invited to a lot of regearsals with other groups near my hometown. In one of those regearsals I met Edgardo Arlequ?n, who was the School Band Teacher and now the former Mayor Of Guayanilla. By that time I was playing already with a couple of groups arround and wasn't interested in joining the School Band, but Mr Arlequ?n ask if I read music which I said - No, so, we made some arrangements for the Music Sidereading Clases and started in the Band as a Drummer and percussionist. From that School Band came out some great musicians like Edwin Echevarr?a, Angel Torres, Eduardo Toro, Miriam Cobi?n, Perfecto Garc?a, Tito Lugo, Harry "Teo"Rios, Israel D?az, Ito Torres, Angie Maldonado and others. in 1976 I worked for Sonora Matancera's trumpet player Nelson Feliciano and after that I worked for his uncle Kito V?lez (r.i.p.) former 1rst. trumpet player and arranger for Cortijo y su Combo and El Gran Combo. In 1978 I started the Bachelor Degree Studies in Musical Education in the Interamerican University In San Germ?n. Two year after I started working with El?as Lop?s y Co. and worked in the Puertorrican Jazz recording. By that time, I Left studies and continue working as a full time musician. In 1983 I worked for Saxofones de Mayaguez and for Frankie Ruiz and Orch. Later on I worked for Amilcar Bosc?n, Isla Bonita Orch. Jos? Nogueras and Pupy Santiago. 1n 1990 I joined Kike and Papo Lucca's Sonora Ponce?a. Papo was the first person in giving me the opportunity for arranging for Ponce?a. Knowing the responsability of being Ponce?as arranger I had to study Papo's way of orchestrating and the Ponce?a's sound to keep the same style. Thank You Papo for believing in my work! In 1995 I left Ponce?a and went back to finish my Bachelor Degree in Musical Education. Since I was studying, I prefer to stay freelancing. I worked for Orlando Collado, Miguel Antonio, Danny Rivera, Lucacita Benitez, Andr?s Jim?nez, working in recording as a percussionist and arranger for Jerry Rivera, Choco Orta, Guianko, Primera Clase, Ricardo Vizuete, Roberto Blades, Tito Gomez, Maelo Ruiz, Anthony Cruz, Hector Tricoche, Pedro De Jes?s, Jandy Feliz, Wendell Rivera Latin Jazz, Eddie Perales Latin Jazz, Nelson Col?n, David y Abraham, Alex D'Castro, Quique L?pez and more. In 1997 I met Bobby Cruz and started working for him, then, in 1999 Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz decided to join and do a Concert in The Rub?n Rodr?guez Coliseum in Bayam?n and since then I still work for them. Also I worked for Cheo Feliciano, Quique Domenech, Tony Croatto (r.i.p.), Alex Croatto and Hector Ivan y Espiritu de Barrio (comming out soon!). I finish my Bachelor Degree In Arts with concentration in Music Education, Percussionist, Coral Methods and Arranger and Orchestration. I have seven years in Teaching experiences, director of a High School Music Band and now working on my first recording production as a solo artist. AND AFTER ALL THIS... IN THE NAME OF GOD THERE IS MORE TO COME!