About me

I was born in Paris, France in 1965.
I began studying congolese and afro brasilian percussion in 1983.
In 1992, I studied afro cuban percussion with my master Orlando Poleo and I have been playing and teaching ever since. I played with a lot of salsa, jazz, Zouk, congolese rumba, funk groups in Paris and with Giovanni Hidalgo, Orlando Poleo, Mario " Aspirina " Jauregui and a french afrocuban folkloric group Iluyenkori.

I am teaching percussion in two schools in Paris since 1994 and I wrote two instructional books : "Congas, Rythmes et Developpements" in 1999. "Les Rythmes du Folklore Afro-cubain" in 2005 / 2006.

I worked in the french drummer magazine "Batteur Magazine" since 1997. 
I was a "Latin Percussion" (LP) endorser and demonstrator in 1997 until 2005.