About me

About Yambu Tutu
Yambu is from and is located in Baltimore , Md., and has been studying conga drumming since 1999, mainly from videos. He refers to himself as an itinerant percussionist, in the spirit of the many early African-American musicians, who learned without formal training. He started out drumming at the Druid Hill Park "Park Vibe" drum jams and at the drum circles hosted by the Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society (BIRDS). He later was invited to join a group of local drummers "Rhythmic Rites" who get together periodically to do some improvisational drumming.

Around 2004 he met some experienced musicians in Baltimore, who set him on the path to being more serious about drumming. He initially got into drumming as just something to do. He had always loved rhythmic music, but never thought he had the talent to be a musician. He frequently tells how in elementary school he never was able to learn to play anything other than "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on the recorder. He says that The Last Poets and Babatunge Olantunde were his first true awakening to the influence of rhythm on his life.

He is most fond of the Afro-Cuban Rhythms of Rumba. That's where his stage name 'Yambu' comes from. He also likes the Puerto Rican rhythms of Bomba and Plena which has spurned in him an interest in the culture of that Island, having a bit of the Boriqua blood in him already. Over the years, as he progressed in his abilities, he found himself getting opportunities, and achieving levels, that he never imagined obtaining. He has had the opportunity to work as a drummer for the stage production of "Female Parts" by Missy House and has performed at local venues such as The Midtown Yacht Club, The Red House Tavern, and The 13th Floor of the Belvedere Hotel, with his current band Buster's Luck.

Yambu is the first to admit that he has a lot to learn, however; he appreciates the camaraderie of fellow musicians, and their encouragement and inspiration is pushing him to be the best that he can be.