About me

Playing congas & percussion since early 70s, Larry has extensive pro experience on stage, in studio, and as dance accompanist. Got started with a series of Carolina Rice radio commercials, recorded in NYC recording studios, then co-founded 'Daybreak', a very successful top 40 and original band, which worked during 70s & 80s.

Recorded for Melba Moore's production company and Joe Kurasz, who is a composer of music for 'The Guiding Light' TV show. Joe Kurasz is also an accomplished jazz artist and keyboardist. Larry has recorded with many others, and has shared the stage with master musicians such as jazz virtuoso guitarist Vic Cenicola and master flute man Mark Weinstein. Currently the percussionist in The Joe Izen Trio, Larry has performed with this trio and recorded with them as well. Joe Izen is a masterful guitarist and vocalist, and a gifted composer and songwriter. Bill Moring has been the bassist of choice for Joe Izen Trio recordings and gigs, and Bill has played with most of the jazz greats, including the late great Ray Baretto, Bobby Sanabria, and many others too numerous to mention.

Larry recently (July 15, 2009) recorded congas and percussion on 10 songs for DaVido, a master vocalist/entertainer and songwriter. This upcoming CD is being produced by Tony Camillo in his studio. Tony has produced and arranged for many major stars, including Gladys Knight, The 5th Dimension, Stevie Wonder, and many others too numerous to mention. Larry currently has 26 solo percussion videos on YouTube and 2 live performances on YouTube with the Joe Izen Trio. He is also part of a YouTube video that is an international project produced by vibe master Gennnk. It is called FightMan.

Larry also has many years experience as a dance accompanist with Rutgers University (Mason Gross) in New Brunswick, NJ and Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ.