About me

I'm a doctoral student in International Relations (almost done), a music teacher at an elementary school, and a musician on the side I'm a member of three groups: MarKamusic (http://www.markamusic.com), a South-American/Afro-Cuban-Puerto Rican group, I'm a member of my father's quartet project Criollo Clasico (http://www.criolloclasico.com), and a salsa ensemble, Orquesta Komboloko (http://www.komboloko.com). I'm also a freelance musician for hire in the Providence, Rhode Island area, Hartford CT, and Western/Eastern Massachusetts. I play congas, timbales, bongos, drums, and electric bass, and I'm versatile in the rhythms I play (Latin styles, jazz, funk, rock, hip hop, reggae, etc.). Anyone interested or needs someone to fill in a night, go ahead and IM me or email me, and I'll get back to you promptly. agueybana79@yahoo.com IM: AOL: ReneGon7 / Yahoo IM: rgb_boricua http://www.myspace.com/agueybana79 http://www.friendster.com/user.php?uid=15548187 http://gngseries.tripod.com MY VIDEOS - http://www.youtube.com/user/agueybana79 BANDS I Perform with: http://www.criolloclasico.com http://www.markamusic.com http://www.komboloko.com