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About me

My name Faustino Cruz better known as Cuco.

I am retired musician work with many know bands in 60,s 70's 80's such as Chivirico Davila, Mon Rivera, Joe Cotto, Joe Quijano, Carlos Pizzaro, Chorolo, y su Combo, Paul Oritz, Hector Rivera and many more have sat in with Tito puente and Machito orch's .

I recorded with Joe Cotto 6 albums, Chivirico Davila 1 and 2 albums with Mon Rivera 1 with Victor Sabinon. And Many comercials for Coca cola and Goya food products.  I studied with Henry Adler also with Ubaldo Nieto. stated playing drum at early age.

I live a very quite life do to accident suffered back 1998. today I dedicate myself to collecting vintage drums and referbishing them and put back in shape. 

Many here in conga place do not get along with me because I tell it like it is and do not that their bull shit litely. Today In the years that I have been around in Conga place forum I have met many of it members and I can say that 80% do not know how to play instruments of percussion yet they talk for the sake of talking. 

A recommendation to those that are looking to learn a percussion instrument to go to a proffesional teacher , look into his or hers qualifications to teach. Not every person is quaified to teach. Do your homework regarding teachers. I am a master at my craft yet I can not call myself a teacher, Not every one is meant to teach. 

As to asking for advice;  Guys like Omelenko1, Ritmo boriqua ,Mr Rumba, Jorge, Pastag, Caballoballo  and many more are not Musicicians but amature just like yourselves and do not know anything about drums & Drumming concepts, So avoid there comments.