About me

Short Profile
I started studying Bass in '95, so a little bit of Music Theory.
Than I Shifted to the Percussions, learning by looking at the other percussionists, ad most of all, hearing how the modern music sounds with and without the percussionist. I'm sorry for a lot of un-orthodox stuff but it's my style, someone likes it, someone not. I have fun!

I have played with: Jaime Dolce (Pistoia blues 2000) , Leonardo Boni, Anacleto Orlandi (Zucchero), Paolo Meneghini, Marco Barsanti, Mia Cooper (Pino Daniele), Riccardo Onori (Jovanotti) Pewee Durante "Sax" Gordon Beadle, Daniele Mencarelli, Fabrizio Morganti, Gianna Cerchier, Michael Lukes, Lucrezia Balatri, "The Spirit of Living God gospel Choir", Dr.Jobby, Michele Papadia, Giacomo Ferrari, "Animae Vocies Ethnic Choir" drected by Patrizio Materassi, Ruben Chaviano (Cuba), Nick Becattini (Pistoia Blues), Chris Pacini, Jil Badar, Enrico Cecconi, Carmine Bloisi (Rudy Rotta), Mason Casey 

Instruments: Quinto, Conga, Tumba, Djembè, Bongos, Darbouka, some Shakers, Windchimes, Woodbloks and Cowbells, Some Udu-drums, Steel Drum.