About me

Executive Director of the Arkansas based nonprofit organization: "USE DRUMS, NOT DRUGS" Founder of "The International Percussion Collective" Owner of "Bovick Productions" Percussionist Stephin Booth uses rhythm to build dexterity and storytelling to build positive character and confidence and is also an Artist On Tour in The Arkansas Arts Counsel. He has facilitated numerous Clinics and Exhibitions for The Central Arkansas Library System,The Little Rock School District,Heifer International and The Highly Acclaimed William J. Clinton Presidential Library.Focusing on Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, African, and Caribbean hand drumming, Booth brings his collection of conga and djembe drums, bells, claves, and shekeres for demonstrations and workshops. An introduction to the history of hand-held instruments is included with a demonstration that is engaging for the participants. Hands-on warm-up exercises promote communication and authentic rhythmic instruction while Booth teaches proper breathing, posture, mental attitude, and hand positioning to achieve various tones. Accommodations for physically challenged are arranged as needed. "I use the drums to combat drug usage in our communities,to save life and make a POSITIVE difference!", says Booth. He formed a strong bond with Founder of Drums Saving Children, Dwight"The Professor" Baldwin in Los Angeles on the Quincy Jones International Drumming Project at The California Afro-American Museum,Kcop Channel13 "LA Kids Program and at various West Coast Guitar Center sites. "Dwight taught me that the power of the drum could be used heal our communities" He receieved personal instruction in Afro-Caribbean Percussion from "The Professor", Djembe Drumming from Nigerian Master Babatunde Olatunji while Drumming for African Dance Instructor Cathy Person that taught the Dunham technique at USC and UCLA College Campuses. Nigerian Talking Drum Master Francis Awe, Bobby Matos, Skip Burney, Imodoye Shabazz and Pili also taught me and influenced my style of playing. Mongo Santamaria used to come to Will Rogers Park in Watts, California (103rd & Central Ave) sometimes and give the drummers tips and sit in often times."I soaked up the information like a sponge". Mr.Booth has collaborated on projects with members of such legendary groups as The Chambers Brothers, Rose Royce, Earth,Wind and Fire, Manhattan Transfer, War, The Sylvers and music industry professionals such as Betty Everett, Rudy Ray Moore, Leon"Ndugu"Chancellor, Debbie Allen, Melissa Manchester, Micheal Wycoff, Jerry Chambers and many others. He currently teaches an On Going Caribbean Percussion Workshop for homeless youth at "Our House Shelter"in Little Rock Arkansas at no charge to them. He is also the Percussionist for the talented African Dance Instructress"Sister IFE" that performed for Nelson Mandela at Los Angeles Coliseum in California and is collaborating with her in the formation of the African Dance Troupe "African Sunrise"