About me

I like to play my percussion instruments. I got rhythm, and am constantly developing more chops. Thanks to a great teacher, I've made a lot of progress! I have played guitar and bass for many years, but always wanted to play in a band that had a percussionist. So a couple years ago I decided to wait no more, and began to study to become the percussionist that I always wanted to have in the band. In particular, I am studying Latin percussion, because it possesses the heart and soul of much of what I love about percussion. The study of percussion will undoubtedly keep me engaged for the rest of my life. So, my small percussion resume has been growing: At first, I began appearing as a percussionist for Rockin Camel Music recording artist Kenny Acosta, the great blues man from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am so grateful to Kenny for his support and encouragement. He loves percussion, and from Day 1 with Kenny, which started with me just playing bongos while he played acoustic/electric guitar and sang, I was able to add groove on the many blues, jazz, swing and Latin rhythms that his music contains. So he gave me copies of his albums, I learned the stops in his music, and it has been a great ride since then! Currently, I am working with Kenny on his next album, which will also feature Mr. Kenny Neal on harmonica! Since late summer 2009, I have been playing 2 - 4 concerts per week with Fat Momma, an incredible new roots band that is kind of like a cross between the Nighthawks and the Allman Brothers. The band is a blast, and starting to become known regionally. We have upcoming gigs with the Kentucky Headhunters, James Cotton and Johnny Winter, to name a few, with more in work. I am studying congas with a wonderful teacher, Jeff Woods, who was personally recommended to me by Johnny Conga. Jeff learned from Johnny, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn from his former student. So now that my percussion cherry has been popped, I just look forward to learning and making as much music as possible, and establishing a reputation as a competent percussionist. It is quite a mountain to climb, but the energy, desire and drive is built into me, and so I will continue to pursue this passion with all my might!