About me

Born and raised in San Francisco, Peter grew up playing music in the parks and the beaches with a variety of great players. San Francisco was the place to be in the late 60's, and Peter was right there when the latin sound was breaking into the mainstream. He became a wood worker early in his life, and always dreamed that some day he would build his own fine congas. Peter is a carpenter and fine-trim wood worker and has enjoyed many years of building spectacular homes in the bay area. Photos of some of his work have appeared in such publications as Fine Homebuilding, Sunset Magazine, Architectural Digest, and others. Now he has turned his attention to his lifelong passion and the drums he loves to play himself. After years of research and design, Peter now has his own products out on the market. Check them out: they are instruments so fine you'll want to play all night.... He is a licensed contractor, member of the Petaluma Arts Council, avid free-diver, and past Governor of the Petaluma Moose Lodge. Call Peter at his shop in California, 707/ 762-9012 Or send an email at pmpercussion@yahoo.com www.pmpercussion.com