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About me

Octavio Cabrera I been playing percussion since i was 12 years old, the first timbalero i saw and inspired me was when i was 9 years old i used to live in a town of Puerto Rico by the name of Juana Diaz and there was a club there by the name of Villa Esdra, there i saw Tito Puente with la Lupe , and el Lupo. also i saw there Wille Colon and Hector Lavoe with timbalero Luis Romero, then when i was 12 year old i went to a Country Club where i used to saw Edgardo Morales with la Sonora Ponceña, Cuqui Santos y la Selecta and a lot of great timbaleros , and i fell in love with the instrument. Another inspiration for me was the timbalero of Carlos Santana Jose Chepito Areas. And the rest is History. I start playing with lithle groups around my home , like Latin Fire, Quinta Generacion, and many more, i never study drums with nobody i learn myself lisening to records and seen the timbaleros of those days, then when i was older i study drums and timbales with Maestro Monchito Muñoz , timbalero of the Tito Rodriguez Orchestra, he taugh me to read music on a correct form. The best book that i have for this has been the book of Buddy Rich , Syncopation , and other great book made by Henry Adler. I used to get great tips with timbalero Charlie Cotto ( Pirata ) drummer timbalero of the great orchestra of Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz , also with the Eddie Palmieri Orch. I have played , with Wito Gonzales & Group and many others.