Bembe Conversations
Auturo Rodriguez

Book & Cd edition
August 28, 2000 - Mel Bay Publications
Welcome to the rhythm Bembe! This book/CD set is a self-study method designed to reveal the beautiful music that has been developed and maintained in Cuban culture. This is accomplished through reading, interpreting percussion charts, and interacting with a series of audio recordings and exercises which concentrates on the drum, percussion, and vocal parts of the rhythm Bembe. While working through the progressive exercises and charts, you will begin to understand rhythms with a triplet swing, in other words, rhythms in multiples of three beats. In traditional Bembe, the supporting drums tend to remain rhythmically fixed, not deviating from a basic pattern. Also, traditional Bebme usually incorporates only a single mid-range support drum. In this lesson, some of the artistic license has been applied to these traditional aspects, adding a second mid-range drum to the ensemble, and expanding on the basic dialogues maintained between the supporting drums. Course obje! ctives, a bibliography, and an extensive glossary are included making this an invaluable resource for any percussionist. CD included. 120 pages.


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..too much bla bla

June 6, 2003 by kuku from abulele

not enough rhythem
too much useless info


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