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Salsa Guidebook for Piano and Ensemble
Rebeca Mauleon

Spiral-bound Spiral edition
(January 1993) Sher Music Co
This book is for anyone who is hungry to aquire the knowledge and history of the rhythms from Cuba and how these rhythms came from Africa to the caribbean. The format is very easy to follow, the information given is great and very accurate, the people that knows some of the great salsa performers wi ...

Drumming at the Edge of Magic : A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion
Mickey Hart, Jay Stevens, Fredric Lieberman

Paperback - 264 pages
(December 1998) Acid Test
Mickey Hart, percussionist for the Grateful Dead, tells the compelling tale of his quest to unlock the power, myths, and legends of percussion. Complemented by more than 90 photographs and illustrations. It is a compelling, panoramic adventure into a vibrant living tradition of myth, power, and magi ...

Planet Drum: A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm
Mickey Hart, Fredric Lieberman

Paperback - 224 pages
(August 1998) Acid Test
Mickey Hart's dazzling companion to his bestselling Drumming at the Edge of Magic is a captivating chronicle of our global fascination with drums and the primal rhythms and spells of percussion, dramatically illustrated with 350 photographs and illustrations, 200 in full color.ra tour. ...

The Joy of Drumming : Drums & Percussion Instruments from Around the World
Tom Klower

Paperback - 202 pages
(November 1997) Samuel Weiser
This book is a fine introduction to the world of drums and Rhythms. ...

Percussion Discography
Fernando A. Meza

(March 1990) Greenwood Publishing Group
A compendium of information international in scope on recordings (LPs, CDs, or cassettes) in which percussion instruments are featured as solo instruments or as part of chamber ensembles, Percussion Discography cites the composer, composition title, issuing recording company with record number, and ...

Teaching Percussion
Gary D. Cook

Spiral-bound - 449 pages 2nd edition
(January 3, 1997) Wadsworth Pub Co
This revision continues to set the standard in percussion instrument methods texts. Providing a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of percussion education, technique, and performance, this text helps students develop musical understanding and performance skills. The text's consistent and det ...

Encyclopedia of Percussion
John H. Beck (Editor)

Paperback - 606 pages
(May 1997) Garland Pub Trade
Offers a dictionary of percussion instruments and terms, with entries on each instrument and aspects of its design and manufacture, country of origin and regional significance, and musical examples, plus 25 articles on topics such as Brazilian percussion instruments, the history of the drum set, ele ...

Drumming for the Gods: The Life and Times of Felips Garcia Villamil, Santero, Palero, and Abakua (St
Maria Teresa Velez

210 pages
February 20, 2000 - Temple Univ Press
Book Description "I am Felipe Garcia Villamil" begins Drumming for the Gods, the life history of the Afro-Cuban artist whose music has survived both political and personal upheaval. "Balog?n for thirty years. Ol?a?, of Matanzas, Cuba, for about forty years. Om?a?? for almost forty-five years. Ol?Iy ...

Bembe Conversations
Auturo Rodriguez

Book & Cd edition
August 28, 2000 - Mel Bay Publications
Welcome to the rhythm Bembe! This book/CD set is a self-study method designed to reveal the beautiful music that has been developed and maintained in Cuban culture. This is accomplished through reading, interpreting percussion charts, and interacting with a series of audio recordings and exercises w ...

Traditional Afro-Cuban Concepts in Contemporary Music
Arturo Rodriguez

152 pag. Book - CD Set
December 18, 2003 - Mel Bay
This course examines the infusion of traditional Afro-Latin and especially Afro-Cuban concepts into contemporary Western music. Upon completion of this book you will have mastered many new skills that will help you become a more accomplished percussionist and, more importantly, a more complete music ...

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