Rumba: Afro-Cuban Conga Drum Improvisation Book
Cliff Brooks

80 pages- 2 CD Set
November 28, 2001 - Mel Bay Publications
Beginners, learn basic timing, syncopation, and improvisation. Intermediate - advanced drummers, learn to throw down some of the funkiest Afro-Cuban Licks on your favorite drum, Whether it is a Conga, Bongo, Timbales, Traps, etc... View index and some audio-file at


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..wish there was no 2 allready!!!!!!!

November 11, 2004 by idan kupferberg from israel

one of the best lessons and expirience you can get on rumba solos and the understanding of the syncopation magic!!!!
even in cuba they couldnt explain it better!!!!!
keep on sharing the true secrets of rythem to the masses

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.. cliff ,great maestro!!

August 28, 2004 by franc from puerto rico

i ordered the book and i feel more than satisfied with it. i have learn to play from intermiate to intermiate advance in a short time. thanks cliff!! you sure are a great colaborator in this field of hand drumming. i thank you deeply!! your friend, franc

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..Very useful!

April 14, 2003 by Franco from Italy

I think It's useful for those who wants to learn afrocuban sincopation.
In this book there are many sincopated patterns, I use them with both conga and tumba as variations on the basic guaguanco rithm.

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March 5, 2003 by a Conga Fan from Italy

I just received the book.
I was really surprise to see that it was just the first volume of the improvvisation course. It wasn't written anywhere that the course was divided in 2 volumes and this isn't correct for me!!!
Anyway I think that a course of improvvisation has not to start from zero (developing the sense of rithm) You must suppose that a person already knows something about it.

Franco Greganti

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..... a solo technique book

July 19, 2002 by A CongaFun

What I like most about the book, is this: Most of my experience in drumming involves holding down the bottom end, and even when I drum with others, I usually hit the bass note on the pulse often, to keep in place and time. What the solo book does for me is teaches me that to play through the music, rather than on it.
Does that make sense? The techniques you present in your book are different than playing a part of a rhythm or the base of the rhythm, so that is what I see as what makes your book special from all of the other books I have used in the past. This makes sense, since you are marketing your book as a solo technique book, rather than another afro-cuban rhythm book.


.."great offering" to the music

July 19, 2002 by PEDRO BARRIERA

Your book arrived and it's very good! I congradulate you. This book helps me to teach my classes of conga soloing. I have students that asked me to teach them to solo but with your book it easier. Thank you Cliff for this "great offering" that you have made to the music of drums.


Your friend, Pedro.


..... great book, well worth the wait...

July 19, 2002 by STAN CORPUS

Cliff, I finally received the book today, it was on
special order at the Sam Ash music store. Awesome
book, and well written. When are the others coming
out? Great book, well worth the wait.


..A fantastic book

July 19, 2002 by DAN CALLIS from Halifax, Canada

I just received this book two days ago and I have to say it is fantastic.
Finally a book that deals specifically with quinto in rumba guaguanco.
There are sooo many books out there that deal with all the individual parts but invariably write , improvised, for the quinto part.

This book gives you the foundation for playing quinto from the basic ride to tasty flowing phrases which become a quinto solo for guaguanco. Its all broken down and easy to read with many many patterns each building on the previous. A fantastic book. If you want to learn to play quinto, this book will help you understand what the @&*# is going on! You will see how the quinto fits inside an already highly syncopated rhythm, driving and bringing to life the complicated rhythms of rumba in an understandable way.
Four out of four stars, no problemo. (But don't think for a minute that you're going to become jesus alfonso in 2 or 3 weeks)

Cliff's method of presenting material is excellent and easy to read Cliff, I encourage you to post a page from the book on a web site so people can see what you're up to here, they will buy this book. I can't wait to see
book 2 and 3. Great job Cliff, you have filled a void here.


.....I look forward to reading through more ...

July 19, 2002 by BATADRUMS.COM

I just got your books finally and checked it out today. I think it's great.
This book is a rare treat because most instructional drum books focus on the
basic parts of a rhythm and don't cover the lead parts very well. This book
clearly shows a real understanding of quinto. Someone really could learn to
play some solid quinto licks from this book, which puts it way ahead of any
other book out there. Nice work. I look forward to reading through more of
the examples and listening to the CDs.


.....excellent ...

July 19, 2002 by CAROLYN BRANDY

I think your book is EXCELLENT! very well organized and the real stuff. I am recommending it to
all my students. Congratulations of a great endeavor.


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