Rumba Guaguanco Conversations
by Arturo Rodriguez

Spiral-bound + CD
Mel Bay Publications; (March 5, 1999)
Interact and Learn is the overriding theme of this outstanding book and companion CD. This progressive self-study course is designed to expose the percussion student to the seductive and complex Cuban rumba style known as guaguanco. The author offers a generous dose of text and percussion charts to be used with the recorded exercises. The rumba ensemble typically includes: claves; low, mid range, and high-pitched conga drums; the madruga (shaker) palitos (sticks applied to a hollow wooden cylinder), and vocal elements. The comprehensive quality of this book might best be illustrated by the author's emphasis on using the three conga drums as pitched, melodic instruments. Sitting and hand positions and drum techniques are clearly illustrated with photographs as is the convenient instrumental glossary. This book also provides useful course and lesson objectives for self-evaluation. The companion CD presents percussion concepts and instruments individually and in "con! versation". All in all, this book/CD package offers a fabulous introduction to the world of rumba percussion.


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