Play Congas Now: The Basic and beyond
Richie Gajate-Garcia (Compiler)

Paperback Book & Cd edition
(December 2000) Warner Brothers Publications
The Best Book/CD I Have Seen... This is a great book, Ritchie Garcia explains things clearly and includes great exercises and loads of authentic rhythms..... There are also some contempory rhythms of his own for playing to jazz/rock/pop/funk. Unfortunately I didn't get my copy from amazon and I paid more!! Lesson learned!!! (an visitor)


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..Good job Richie!

July 19, 2002 by CongaMan from Italy

I've recently bought this book and I hope to have time soon to start putting into practice some of the many interesting exercises and advanced techniques of the Richie method... It's a book for beginner to intermediate (professional alike) level player and, as Richie says, "How far you go is up to you" ... in other words that means A LOT PRACTICE as usual. My opinion: I'm happy with this book and I would recommend it. If You go to (click GO SHOPPING) they show some pages of the book.

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