Congas, Rythmes et Developpements
Laurent Lamy

Language: French - Book & Cd edition
EDITOR Connection Eds - 1999
Available in three languages : French, italian and spanish. [go to shop for more info or visit congaplace community]


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..Great book!

February 26, 2005 by montezuma

It's a great book for beginers and for advencer congueros. Laurent explains the fundaments of afro-cuban druming, for example the philosophy of clave. He teachs how to play basic rhythms like: marcha, mozambique, pilon, songo and other afro-cuban rhythms. He adds many variations to each rhythm which could be play on 1, 2 or 3 congas. Easy notation and great audio recording helps players to keep the right afro-cuban groove. I recomend it to everyone who wants to develop his art of playing congas.


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