The Music of Santeria : Traditional Rhythms of the Bata Drums (Performance in World Music Series, No
John Amira, Steven Cornelius

128 pages Book & Cd edition
(November 1999) White Cliffs Media Co
A reader from Illinois USA: "The book did what I was looking for to do in regard to the bata drumming styles and rhythms. This is the real timimg of the Yoruba-Nigerian and Cuban expressions of the bata drums. I hope it would had the same effect on you as it did to me. Even if you are not a musician or just love community drumming the bata rhythms are the original trive toques(Spanish)of the Afro-Caribean Cuban Santeros and the Latinos Musicians that used them in Salsa Music of today".


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February 22, 2003 by dr campana from france

the best book in town!


September 27, 2002 by from usa

i never thought that my music would be exposed to so many other cultures and be so world wide

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