How to Play Djembe (Book/CD set)
Alan Dworsky, Betsy Sansby

Paperback - 96 pages
Mel Bay Publications
This is a complete, user-friendly course on how to play djembe, the popular West African hand drum. Right from the start, students will learn interlocking parts for seven of the most popular West African rhythms. After only a few step-by-step lessons, they'll be able to put the parts together and start playing these irresistible rhythms with friends. Simultaneously, they'll learn how to make each basic stroke: bass, tone and slap. Clear illustrations demonstrate how each stroke looks from the outside; detailed descriptions tell how each stroke feels on the inside. The CD-recorded by Joh Camara, a master drummer from Mali-gives students plenty of time to play along to each five-minute rhythm. When Joh solos during the final three minutes of each track, students feel the thrill of playing their part along with the ensemble and lead drummer.


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