Conga Drumming : A Beginners Guide to Playing With Time
Alan Dworsky, Betsy Sanby

Paperback Book & Cd edition.
(April 1994) Dancing Hands Music.
A complete, step-by-step, user-friendly course This 160-page book and CD teaches the basic techniques for playing the conga drum (using lifelike illustrations and clear explanations) and then teaches parts for five Afro-Carribean rhythms. After only a few lessons you'll be able to join with others to play the rhythms that form the roots of Salsa.


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..I started with this book

April 15, 2006 by bongoron from usa

I started hand drumming with a borrowed djembe and this book (aside from some teenage bongo playing in the 70's. I took it slowly, and bought some congas a few months later. Then I started over just to be sure with the new sounding drums. It is easy to follow...and I recommend a metronome to go with it. Very non-intimidating instructional reading. There is no teacher near me, and I really appreciate this book.


..Good book

February 28, 2006 by Evgeny Stetsenko from UKRAINE

Very good book


..Very basic book.

April 30, 2004 by Bill Summers fan. from AUS

This book/CD package is exactly what it says it is. A beginner's guide to conga drums.
The reader is taken through various hand positions, rudiments and the various clave rhythms essential for an understanding of Afro Cuban music.
One area this book covers very well is the written notation. It is by far the easiest and obvious notation I have yet seen for hand drums. A person with no knowledge of written music could pick this book up and understand very quickly what is shown.
Rhythmic lessons are put together in sections. One begins with a couple of rudiments, which then come together to form a groove. I felt though that these exercises were being portrayed by the cover art, of all being seperate rhythms. In fact they are not, and must be used together to form the complete grooves. This slight fault aside, I highly recomend this package to people wishing to begin conga drumming.

Beginners only.


..... a very good book for congueros..

May 13, 2002 by Victor Santiago from Argentina

Nothing is better than a good teacher but this book really helps to get into the instrument... go for it!


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